Dr Hussain Karim

 Vice President – Iraq      Karam photo                

Dr Hussain Karim MBChB, DEAA, MRCA, Currently engaged in leading RCR’s Basra Port Redevelopment project, a 5yr, 7Bn Euro project – Funded via RCR, that brings together an International consortium of global engineering companies to re-construct, enlarge and improve the Port of Basra, in Iraq. Other projects under his control in Iraq include RCR’s 72 Million Cubic Metre per day, 15.8Bn USD, “Flare Gas” recovery project – recovering equivalent to 84 Million barrels per annum of currently wasted, High-Grade Diesel and pipelining it to Baghdad.

Dr Hussain also continues to find time for voluntary Charitable and Humanitarian projects, thus helping to build a better future for the native people of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.