Frederick Sayle

Senior Vice President Structured Project Finance

Frederick Sayle started his career in the Aerospace industry where he held senior management positions at Boeing and ITT. He then moved to IBM and headed up one of their commercial division’s in Europe. Through his many connections he created business opportunities in Ukraine from 1991 as the Soviet Union began to disintegrate. He set up hotel projects with Good Night Inns and distributed Pepsi across the region. He than began initiating projects in Azerbaijan where he owned a company that organised ecological clean-up operations for British Petroleum, Cameron Valves, Schlumberger and, Halliburton. His oil clean-up expertise lead to other similar projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan as well as Ecuador and Iraq.

He is now a key member of structured finance team handling more than US$4 billion of RCR’s projects.

Local Office Contact Details:

Direct Telephone number: +357 99 225577