Field Construction Staff

Specifically, responsible for the following during the construction phase:

  • Review and award of trade subcontracts
  • Receipt and verification of all materials and equipment
  • Orderly storage of materials and equipment on-site
  • Implementation and monitoring of RCR’s Jobsite Safety Program
  • Communication and interfacing with customer’s staff as required
  • Liaison and communication with RCR’s home-office staff regarding overall project status
  • Monitoring and review of subcontractor performance to ensure compliance with drawings and specifications
  • Implementation and monitoring of RCR’s Jobsite Quality Control Program to ensure that the work being performed is to the highest level of quality and consistent with design requirements
  • Field accounting, including approval of subcontractor invoices for payment (by the home office).
  • Issuing of field purchase orders for miscellaneous materials and supplies
  • Preparation of weekly work schedule reports, including schedule updates and analysis of subcontractor performance
  • Coordination and interfacing between all trades subcontractors
  • Providing direct construction supervision to all trade subcontractor superintendents
  • Implementation and monitoring of the site security program consistent with RCR’s and the customer’s requirements
  • Supervision and coordination of system checkout, testing, and start-up activities
  • Coordination of vendor service and start-up personnel regarding the initial checkout and start-up of vendor-supplied equipment
  • Supervision of the overall plant start-up and operator training program
  • Demonstration of system performance
  • Administration of RCR’s Drug Testing Program to all RCR International staff and subcontractor personnel

Our on-site field staff is augmented as required to ensure high-quality installation by frequent visits from our project manager and engineering department members. These visits close the loop on the project by ensuring that the installation is being performed according to the intent of the design as well as providing valuable feedback on design features so improvements can be made on future projects.