Residual Ash / Carbon

The RCR process uses steam to sanitize and size-reduce. The recyclables are removed for recovery and valorization on site. The remaining element of the treated waste stream has been derived from the organic fraction of the waste and will be a friable cellulose -based fiber.

It can be used as a virgin feedstock for composting, or more usually as a fuel for a dual fuel steam-raising boiler for the production of process steam to charge the autoclaves or to feed a steam turbine for the generation of electricity to meet the parasitic needs of the RCR plant and the surplus exported to the local electricity grid.

Depending on the application or end-product of the process such as the organic fiber or tires (in a separate process) is either residual ash and/or carbon which is suitable for a variety of uses including mixing with cement, asphalt and the range of densified concrete products or product mix.


Activated carbon can be used in water and air emissions treatment, rubber filler applications and as commercial fertilizer. Automatic extraction of residue is accomplished via a live floor system that covers the base of the gas-producer fuel bed.

Very little, if any, ash is consigned to a controlled landfill. All ash will be reduced in dimension to