RCR Group Companies Expertise

RCR has expertise in all aspects of waste management, refining, construction, steam and power-related systems including:

  • Autoclave treatment systems
  • Biomass dryers
  • Carbon burnout systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Recyclable materials segregation systems
  • Complete steam & power generating plants
  • Steam accumulation and storage systems
  • Instrumentation & controls
  • Frack Water Treatment systems with full recovery and safe reuse of water
  • Tire deconstruction and full recycling of all component parts
  • Construction and Demolition wastes recovery, processing, densification and reuse in a range of 60 cement-based products
  • Waste water treatment and water recovery
  • Renewable energy production
  • Ethanol from biomass and RCR fiber
  • Conversion of waste plastics (depolymerisation) to premium grade low sulfur diesel fuel Instrumentation and controls