Project Management and Engineering

Engineering Solutions and Turnkey Delivery of Projects


RCR works with 56 world-class engineering companies with proven track records and who have worked with other members of the core consortium delivery team. This familiarity ensures harmonious and professional teamwork and combined with the AA rated performance bond guarantees turnkey delivery of every project.  WE have selected a number of global eminently qualified EPC contractors who work seamlessly with our core members and the likes of Siemens with their superb range of power plants work tirelessly to deliver quality.


Often RCR’s name does not appear in the turnkey supply – merely in the Memorandum of Agreement and thereafter RCR selects the EPC contractor, the core engineering delivery partners and the project is implemented, and the funding architecture is put in place, the insurance bonding is issued from RCR’s own captive underwritten at Lloyds of London.


Once the project funding phase and the turnkey delivery has been completed, RCR has structured an exit route for short term project funders who are substituted  seamlessly by long term pension funds and other life insurance companies who seek quality long term and assured asset backed investments with guaranteed yields that are under pinned against failure or income interruption by the quality of a Lloyds AA rated insurance policy. At this stage RCR Commodities has secure 35 year Power Take Off Agreements with indexation from often national or government owned utility companies that further underpin and upgrade the investment rating of the project.


RCR’s role initially is that of sponsor and promoter of a project. We meticulously undertake detailed market research, national regional and local conditions, disposal methods, landfills, the waste profiles, the volumes of MSW arising daily and annually or by region.


Analysis of the labour market, the existing informal waste sector, the local costs that are then translated into a master business proposal that is underpinned with detailed assumptions and 12 year predicted cash flow projections, breakdown of all local costs, and international costs (such as bonding and ongoing insurance) and the whole is stress tested to determine the sustainability, the durability and the viability of a project.  It is then that RCR’s bankers are able to review and understand the business model and to provide “in principal” letters of commitment and these are followed by expressions of interest from a local Export Credit Agency (ECA), such as UK Export Finance, Nordic Development Bank and many other ECAs who are brought into a consortium funding agreement.


It is often at this point that RCR’s role becomes that of a supervisory lead contractor that brings together the bonding, the insurance during construction, the performance bonding, the short term project and build finance, the mezzanine funding and the long term funding that provides the assured exit for the short term building finance banks.


RCR are responsible for selecting the appropriate EPC contractor and ensuring that the supply departments of the selected engineering equipment suppliers liaise with and create solid linkages to ensure that the turnkey delivery materialises on time, on budget and does what it says on the label in terms of process and capacity and indeed volume and quality of outputs within the prescribed quality tolerances expected and prescribed within Off take Agreements.