RCR Commodities is an accomplished seller with agreed and contracted off-takers for various fuels, the sale of surplus thermal energy such as steam, and electricity. All recovered aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals have ready made and active off-takers at premium prices due to the absence of any food or beverage residue, lacquers, labels, adhesives and gums.


RCR’s operational plants produce these valorised recyclables and from the organic fraction of MSW is produced refuse derived fuel, methanol, ethanol, biodiesel (from recovered cooking and lubricating oils), base oil. Trading and merchanting activities also engage with the purchase of used oils, used cooking oils, grease and other hydraulic fluids for cleaning, re-refining and sale. The bi products derived from deconstruction of tyres – the cleans tea, carbon black, activated carbon, electricity and steam are sold as part of the service.


RCR’s has forged enduring connections with carbon traders, the sale of CDMs and other carbon offset credits arising from the generation of electricity or the combustion of refuse derived fuel that is classified as  renewable energy generator.


In every instance RCR’s sales team secure long term power take off agreements for the sale of renewable electricity; the sale of diesel and No 2 Fuel Oils and through our oil trading associations we are able to procure refined and crude fossil based fuels for utilities and large end-users This service is extended to all purchasers or joint venture members of recycling and processing facilities delivered by RCR’s and its core consortium members.