Air Quality

Because the feedstock for each system is different, the air emissions will vary. Ours is a custom system, so the engineering to manage air emissions will vary from site to site.

Here’s what we can tell you: based on our experience gained from other tests over several years, “typical” emissions from a RCR system will be considered a “minor source” with a favorable profile compared to any combustion generating system.

With regard to greenhouse gas emissions, there is no doubt that the RCR systems and technologies have a proven working profile, in multiple locations that out performs other vendors:

  • Biomass to electric power is considered CO2 neutral
  • Electric power from biomass will be entitled to REC credits
  • On-site conversion of waste will eliminate GHG emissions from truck transport
  • Electric power from waste will displace power otherwise generated from fossil fuels
  • On-site system may be used to capture methane at the treatment plant
  • Zero methane emission from landfill and land application

Because we’re on-site, the RCR solution reduces congestion on crowded roads and the emissions from truck engines such as sulfur and particulates, major components of smog.