RCR Group Structure

ReCycled Refuse International Ltd and RCR Group Structure

RCR is an environmental engineering Company specializing in providing customers with complete recycling and reuse solutions.  Simply put, the Company extracts more value from the waste stream than anyone else, the program reduces the net operating costs of the entire waste management program by applying revenue from recyclables sales to offsetting these costs, the valuable waste stream is therefore attractive to private investment and institutional capital sources, and the program exceeds the most stringent world standards for environmental compliance.  RCR holds international patents for waste and energy technologies and enjoys unique expertise in finding sustainable solutions to today’s multi-dimensional waste problems.  With the help of its strategic partners that make up RCR Group, the Company offers a global delivery capability with a distinctly local feel.

The Company’s Chairman, Dr. Anthony Haden-Taylor, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, the Royal Society of Chartered Environmentalists, the British Energy Association and the World Energy Council.  Dr. Haden-Taylor holds a PhD in Strategic Financial Management.  Also representing the UK government’s Trade & Industry (UKTI) as one of the world’s foremost authorities on renewable energy and technology, Dr. Haden-Taylor is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and forums.

The RCR group has an 8-man managing board of directors that are located globally and they in turn are responsible for the management and leadership of all of the national entities that have been incorporated in 105 countries on all five continents.

RCR is lead contractor in the RCR Global Delivery Consortium for the design, engineering, construction and finance of sustainable waste solutions featuring RCR STAG technology.

The RCR Sustainable Energy Team form part of the consortium supply of equipment and expertise to operate within accepted recycling targets and are content to endorse the RCR STAG system as the Best Value Option, the Best Available Technology and the Best Practical Environmental Option. It is proposed that they will continue to monitor compliance with new legislation in particular that pertaining to climate control.

The RCR Sustainable Energy Team have been involved in the forward thinking design of waste treatment facilities for many years and in the implementation of the full range of waste treatment and handling facilities. Their experience enables them to ensure that projects are feasible and affordable with realistic timescales for implementation.

The RCR Engineering Team is made up of a team of world class engineering companies who focus on the engineering and management of multi-disciplinary projects in environmental and energy systems, operational services, repair and maintenance and construction. They are a group of major engineering companies undertaking the management of projects, the design, construction and servicing of energy and process plant facilities on all five continents. This ensures that RCR STAG technology can be delivered on a turnkey basis anywhere in the world.

The RCR Construction Services Team in-house resources in engineering and construction deliver turnkey M&E installations in the industrial, water and domestic environments.  The team delivers $500 million in added value construction services across the whole of the utility sector with safety as the number one priority. With over 50 years of experience, the RCR Construction Services Team is the complete service provider delivering total supply chain solutions, managed services, and turnkey construction projects.