Challenges and Innovations

Sustainable and Viable Engineering Solutions with Cast Iron Bankable Business Plans


The buzz word, globalization has become the driver and accelerator of change. The second word is invention, innovation and organic development where old technologies have evolved or been modified to meet new operational, environmental and regulatory controls or criteria.


RCR’s mantra has been to seek out, acquire, develop , scale up and productionise bench top technologies and through innovation, years of experience from skilled engineers, to redesign and improve embryonic technologies to full scale installations capable of handling more than 1 million tonnes of waste per process facility.


RCR’s commitment to renewable energy extends to solar and wind, as well as biomass conversion (biocoal, biodiesel, ethanol). Innovation in a number of patented designs relating to the presentation and fixing of solar panels to maximise energy collection and delivery to grid, to maximise the land resource and use. RCR’s involvement includes the turnkey delivery of solar panel fabrication facilities that will produce typically 1,000,000 panels annually. The facility design is modular and capable of expansion to two or three million panels annually.


The use of robotics and artificial intelligence within our process and sophisticated monitoring equipment for all moving parts, pumps, motors, drives and gearboxes ensures preventative, predictive and actual reactive maintenance and automatic replacement of these units on a time elapsed basis. Plug in and plug out fitting ensures speed of replacement with zero downtime and all parts are returned to the original equipment manufacturer to be refurbished and the issue of a fresh warranty all contributes to the reduction of any process failure since mechanical interruption or breakdown is 99% eliminated from the production risk profile.


RCR’s commitment to excellence extends far beyond the actual turnkey delivery. It includes up to 35 year fully operational management of every facility, the holistic approach to recruit waste pickers, scavengers working in the informal waste sector to serve as environmental stewards, allowing female partners to return home or work in the process facilities and the children to resume or commence formal education and schooling.


RCR’s social charter extends to free bursaries to students or employees of merit; gender equality in the workplace with preferment if anything for female employees whoa re offered flexitime shifts ranging from 3 to 8 hours to fit in with domestic and children commitments.

RCR is committed to delivery of the very best available solution and technology to address the needs of he customer or end user. With every element of the production process and insurance indemnity for environmental disasters, adverse weather patterns, volcanic and earthquakes, including tidal surges, flood, explosion, fire, accident and breakdown, the risk to investors, financers and sponsors has been reduced to less than 1% – all supported by a double A rated bond that includes coverage for safe invoicing and payment of all outputs and an indemnity should an off-taker fail to pay. Even interest and capital amortization payments are covered by the same policy.


All proposals are stress tested, 12 year cash flow projections and full breakdown of capital costs, operating costs, variable costs, predictive maintenance, automatic replacement of working machinery ensures a sound business case can be presented that is fully bankable. All assumption used are fully explained and detailed; all projected sales revenues are conservatively understated and all costs and operational charges or expenses are prudently included at full value combined with full contingencies.


The result is always a conservative and dependable fully tested business plan that conforms to the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, European Central Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a number of EU funds (PHARE and TACIS) and a large number of Export Credit Agencies operated by national Governments and a raft of international banks. The business plan forms an integral part of the overall AA rated insurance policy. When the project is operational short term commercial lending can be substituted for long term institutional funding that seek to invest in long term sovereign or semi sovereign risk with an assured income and minimal risk profile.