Priority Employment of Nationals and their Integration into the RCR Workforce


Education, education and education is the mantra of infrastructure development and their smooth and enduring management and operation. RCR’s social charter ensures preference of employment is to local nationals and there is a preferment for female workers who are in many societies incapable of securing employment. RCR is a staunch and committed equal opportunities employer.


We engage with local workforce and employ them during the installation phase of plant and equipment. They learn how equipment is installed, how it is tested and how it is commissioned. They are there at the start up and initial trial runs.  Training is given in the classroom environment in terms of Health and Safety Regulations and also in terms every aspect of the operation of the plant.  We ensure that we have native language speakers who will attend every training session to guarantee that the messages and training are fully understood.


With very sophisticated equipment, RCR organises for key engineers to transfer to the OEM’s factories where they are subjected to “in factory” training with hands-on training and working alongside engineers who are manufacturing, assembling and perfecting equipment that will ultimately be delivered and installed in an RCR facility. With robotics and technical software, these same key engineers are sent for upgrade software training back with the OEMs and are trained in problem solving and problem solutions.


RCR’s management provide English language lessons to all employees. However all manuals  and documentation are printed electronically and on paper in dual language in English and in the native language to ensure that all operators have a full understanding. Further we have online multilingual support and technical back up and problem solving.


In many instances our key consortium members and OEMs are able to remotely interrogate the logic boards of sophisticated equipment and robotics and equipment that utilised Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the problem and reprogram.  Performance and throughput is monitored continuously and logged onto a remote hard drive that can be analysed and if there are issues then these are automatically flagged, notified and addressed, either remotely or by on site managers and maintenance engineers.

RCR’s management ethos is such that we encourage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to despatch their own dedicated engineers to visit RCR’s installations a minimum of once a year for an in depth strip down, recalibration, fine tune and overall test run. Each item of equipment is fully serviced on site by OEM engineers who work with the on-site maintenance engineers who are provided with classroom and hand-on training to ensure that any software improvements or updates are fully understood

The predictive, preventative and scheduled maintenance regime, with Internet remote monitoring of these events, the opportunity for any catastrophic failure of a module is eliminated.  Using a sophisticated computer logistics program all motors, gearboxes and any equipment that has motors or drivers have time elapsed monitors that guarantee the plug in – plug out replacement for this equipment that is then returned to the OEM and refurbished and subjected to a fresh warranty.

All personnel must attend and qualify with the firsts Health and Safety programs with everyone achieving a pass grade on first aid, life saving, accident prevention and general safety in the workplace.  Please see the Health and Safety Manual that is attached.

This rigid approach to education, training, language skills improvement provides for harmonious incident free operation of our plant and further eliminates accidents, any hazardous or risk associated event and hence RCR’s track record for third party liability is current rated at 100% accident and incident free