Philip Lehman

Group CFO and Head of Treasury

Phil has 40 years experence in financial services. He attented Ohio University and University of Dayton where he majored in finance and management. He started his career at Third National Bank during which time he developed an innovative real estate financing system resulting in control of a significant real estate portfolio.

Prior to joining the Group, Phil started a company that drilled oil wells, leased equipment for oil wells, developed and managed a gas transmission line. He was also the architect in a method for raising capital for drilling through private placements where he retains considerable expertise today.

Before joining the Group, Phil formed and was CEO and chairman of a multi-state FINRA registered financial services group specializing in financial planning and money management in which he is noted for his expertise. As part of his Group activities Phil’s considerable knowledge of banking, combined with his network of banking relations, is of considerable value to the Group.