Brian Wilson

Group Director – Austral-Asia Development
MBA, B.App.Sc, B.Agr.Sc, G.Dip.Mgmt  (Technology Management)

Brian brings over 30 years of experience in project and technology development expertise to the Group. His degrees in Applied Science, Agricultural Science and his Masters in Business Administration (Technology Management) provide him with a solid foundation to evaluate and advance new technology, and assess their likelihood of commercial success.

Brian was most recently Senior Vice President at Applied Green Technologies – a revolutionary waste-to-energy company.  During his time at Applied Green Technologies, Brian was the catalyst in the development and improvement of many cutting-edge approaches to recycling tires, oil sludge, bio-solids, plastics, and MSW. Brian focused on alternative fuel technologies, such as biomass conversion to liquids and fuel, which enabled AGT Energy to expand its core competencies to new key markets.

Brian has previously worked for various multinational companies in project management, marketing and technology development roles. He has also worked as an independent consultant across 4 continents having overseen projects in Europe, America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia working closely with the Chinese government in the development of a major ethanol project, as well as various agricultural projects where he worked closely with rural groups to help deliver bio-fuel crops.

Brian has significant international experience in project management, business management and technology development across energy, environment & agricultural sectors and is widely sought after as a speaker both in Australia and overseas.