Tamund Chou

Group Director for China and Asia Development
Tamund’s career spans over 30 years in the research and development, venture capital, investment advisory and technology consulting fields.  Tamund is an experienced executive in strategy formation, venture incubation, and hi-tech sales and marketing and is responsible for marketing in China and rest of the Asia Pacific region, investment evaluation and pre-financing due diligence.

Prior to joining RCR, Tamund co-founded Pasadena Investment Partners, a cross-border, investment advisory firm with leading clients in the US, Europe, Taiwan and China.  Tamund consulted over 40 Silicon Valley hi-tech startup companies and secured financing from leading venture capital firms in Taiwan and the United States totaling over 300 million US dollars.

Tamund started his career in biomedical research with UCLA and UCSF, and later became project managers for TRW, Inc., and GenCorp Aerojet, both then billion-dollar Fortune 500 corporations in the Defense industry, responsible for implementation of these companies’ cost estimating and cost modeling systems.  After receiving his advanced management degrees, Tamund became the Director of Operation for Achieving Styles Institute, a leadership and strategy consultancy in Pasadena, California, and later, the President of Instrat, Inc., a telecommunication system integrator in Taiwan.

Tamund was also the CEO of New Technology Information Systems (NTIS), Inc., one of the leading, early developers of VoIP and Fax-over-IP systems.  Tamund holds an AEMBA from Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, and an MBA from California State University, Los Angeles and a BA in Biochemistry from Earlham College.  Tamund studied directly under Professor Peter F. Drucker and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Who’s Who of Business Leaders Worldwide in 1995.