Dr. Anthony Haden-Taylor

Dr. Haden-Taylor is a member of the Institute of Waste Management, the Society of Chartered Environmentalists, the British Energy Association and the World Energy Council. Dr. Haden-Taylor holds a PhD in Strategic Financial Management and another in Ecology.

He has spent the last 25 years engaged in the environment and in crafting strategies and policies for adoption by national governments on more sustainable methods for dealing with MSW with the maxim that waste is a valuable resource and not an expensive collection and disposal problem.

Through the novel innovation of sophisticated financing mechanism, essentially the Public Private Partnership system, Dr. Haden-Taylor has evolved a method of providing upward to 90% of all funding required for essential infrastructure projects that will divert 98% of all MSW from landfill and 100% from incineration, whilst at the same time capturing value from all recyclables within the waste stream.

Dr. Haden-Taylor is the author of many published works on a diverse range of subjects and issues. The principal subjects have been:

  • Incineration in the 20th Century – An inappropriate solution for a modern and sustainable world
  • Transfuel from Coal – the use of waste coal as a feedstock for the production of low sulphur diesel fuel
  • Ethanol from Biowaste – the use of palm oil residues to produce premium ethanol
  • Deconstruction of End of Life Tires – how to recover value from scrap tires
  • Silicon from Rice – the process of recovery of SI10 from rice hulls and stalks as an alternative to mass burning in open fields
  • Photovoltaic solar field – harnessing PV panels in the production of renewable electricity
  • On and offshore wind farms – analysis of various locations in South America and the Caribbean to augment electricity supply and rural electrification programs
  • Electricity storage – the benefits of introducing high volume electricity storage systems into island grid systems to capture otherwise lost energy and modulate supplies from renwable and traditional electricity generation
  • Construction and Demolition Waste – viable conversion and recovery of all C&D wastes leading to the 100% diversion from landfill and through patented
    technologies providing an homogenised feedstock for a range of 60 cement-based
    building products

In addition Dr. Haden-Taylor has been the author for national environment strategy documents covering more than 160 countries – determining, costing, and producing viable business models for the sustainable and viable management of wastes – liquid toxic, medical, clinical, industrial, construction and demolition waste, waste oil, end of life vehicles (ELV), food wastes, wastewater systems using the patented biomembrane reactor, large and medium sized seawater desalination systems.

Dr. Haden-Taylor is a leading authority on renewable electricity and its production. He is also regarded in a similar light in waste treatment and disposal solutions and the design, specification and turnkey delivery of composite waste solutions and through focusing on centralisation of processes the conversion of typical cost centres into combined profit centres and through the unique RCR profit sharing mechanism, thus returning significant revenues to RCR’s municipal clients.

Over many years Dr. Haden-Taylor has represented the United Kingdom’s Government’s Trade & Industry (UKTI) as one of the world’s foremost authorities on renewable energy and waste technologies. Dr. Haden-Taylor is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and forums and is a guest lecturer to a number of universities to provide insight into renewable energy projects where waste in its different formats is the essential or principal feedstock.