Dr. Olga Valla- Barientos

Vice President Argentinaolga

Dr. Olga Del Vale Barrientos,  has worked as National Strategic Health Agent in both Argentina and Italy. She is fluent in Spanish and Italian and she has been declared a person of Argentina’s National Interest by the House of Representatives of the Nation (Declared by the Municipality of decree no. 3995 Rosario resolution no. 0976-PCIA. SANTA FE). She has received the following awards:

• Awarded by: F.E.N.O.A. Foundation – D.P.J No. 523/99 C.N.O.C No. 6996.
• Awarded by the Ministry of Labour and a Social Security of the Nation.
• Awarded by the Ministry of Health and Environment of the Nation (Ministerial Resolution No. 1252 Presidency of the Nation)
• Human Rights Ambassador of Brazil in Argentina.

Olga has enormous talent and high level network that places her in the very best position to negotiate up to US$3 billion of vital infrastructure projects within Argentina to initiate vital inward investment and to create a sustainable and environmentally compliant nation.