Group Management Team


Dr. Anthony Haden-Taylor bio
Executive Group Chairman
Barrie Foley bio
Group Chief Executive Officer
Paul McGuire bio
Chief Executive – Americas
Philip Lehman bio
Group CFO and Head of Treasury
Alan Dacre bio
Group Special Projects Director
Brian Wilson bio
Group Director for Austral-Asian Development
Dr. Richard Griffiths bio

Group Director Social & Human Development

Tamund Chou bio
Group Director for China and Asia Development
Mark Allardyce bio
Group Director of Media and Communications
Peter Iellamo  bio
Group Director of Project Investments
Ade Thomas bio
Director of African Continent and Sub-Asia
Thierry Catherine bio
V. P. Special Projects – Mauritius
Amit Kapur  bio
Director RCR (India) Pvt Ltd
Dr. Olga Valla- Barientos bio
V.P. – Argentina
Fayeq Al-Qasem bio
V.P. – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Andrés Martinez  bio
V.P. Special Projects – Spain
Dato’ Achmad Nur Sulaiman bio
International Director – Asia
Dr Hussain  Karim bio
V.P. – Iraq
Dr. John Diosa bio
S.V.P. – Latin America
Dr Azzedine Fekar  bio
V. P. Special Projects – MENA Region
Fred Sayle  bio
Senior V. P. Structured Project Finance
Professor Paul Noble Buatsi  bio
Executive V. P. – ECOWAS Nations